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Herzogenaurach, May 3, 2012

First One fourth 2012 Results: Group sales increase 14% on a currency-neutral basis Net gain attributable to investors up 38% to € 289 , 000, 000 adidas Group increases total year advice • • • • • Comparable Retail store sales grow 9% currency-neutral TaylorMade-adidas Golf revenue increase 32% currency-neutral Functioning margin up 1 . 1 percentage points despite major margin decline Net borrowings down thirty percent to € 640 million at quarter-end Inventory expansion moderates to 13% currency-neutral

adidas Group currency-neutral sales increase 14% in the initially quarter of 2012 Inside the first one fourth of 2012, Group income increased 14% on a currencyneutral basis because of double-digit sales increases in Wholesale, Selling and Other Businesses. Currency translation effects had a positive impact on sales in euro conditions. Group income grew 17% to € 3. 824 billion inside the first quarter of 2012 from € 3. 273 billion this year. " Were off into a fast come from 2012 and there is still a great deal to come as adidas takes centre-stage in the UEFA EURO 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics, ” commented Herbert Hainer, adidas Group CEO. " We have worked hard to keep arrays at industry-low levels. Together with the backdrop of fresh markets, you will see us drive forward which has a whole sponsor of new innovative product and brand experiences that will still excite customers and buyers around the world. ” Group revenue increase powered by double-digit sales progress in all portions In the 1st quarter of 2012, currency-neutral Wholesale profits increased 10% due to double-digit sales growth at nike. Currency-neutral Retail sales increased 16% versus the prior 12 months, driven simply by 9% comparable store product sales growth. Earnings in Other Businesses were up 32% on a currency-neutral basis, driven simply by strong double-digit sales raises at TaylorMade-adidas Golf and Reebok-CCM Handbags. Currency translation effects a new positive impact upon segmental product sales in pound terms. Low cost revenues increased 13% to € 2 . 614 billion dollars from € 2 . 320 billion this year. Retail sales rose 20% to € 693 mil versus € 577 million in the preceding year. Product sales in Other Businesses grew 37% to € 517 , 000, 000 (2011: € 376 million). 1

First quarter 2012 € in millions a couple of, 614 693 517 three or more, 824

Initial quarter 2011 € in millions 2, 320 577 376 three or more, 273

From suppliers Retail Additional Businesses Total1)

Change y-o-y Change y-o-y in euro terms currencyneutral in % in % 10 13 16 20 32 thirty seven 17 14

First one fourth net product sales development by segment 1) Rounding differences may happen in counts.

Currency-neutral revenue increase in almost all regions Inside the first quarter of 2012, currency-neutral nike Group product sales grew in all regions. Profits in European Europe improved 7% on a currency-neutral basis, primarily due to sales progress in the UK, Italia, Poland, The country of spain and Germany. In Euro Emerging Market segments, Group revenue increased 15% on a currency-neutral basis because of double-digit progress in most with the region's market segments. Sales to get the nike Group in North America grew 11% on a currency-neutral basis due to good increases in the USA. Sales in Greater China increased 26% on a currency-neutral basis. Currency-neutral revenues consist of Asian Markets grew 26%, driven by solid double-digit boosts in The japanese and To the south Korea. In Latin America, sales grew 14% on the currencyneutral basis, with double-digit increases in many of the region's major markets. In most locations, currency translation effects had a positive impact about sales in euro conditions. First quarter First one fourth Change y-o-y in Transform y-o-y 2012 2011 pound terms currencyneutral in % in % € in millions € in millions 7 you, 094 7 1, 174 15 370 16 430 11 751 16 869 26 284 36 385 26 446 33 594 14 328 14 372 3, 824 3, 273 17 18

Western European countries European Appearing Markets America Greater Cina Other Markets from the asian continent Latin America Total1)

1st quarter net sales development by location 1) Rotating differences may possibly arise in totals.