Hand bags and Dover Roll Manufacturer

 Bags and Dover Rotate Brand Article


Ad-Lider Embalagens, SA is one of the Brazil's largest producers of plastic-type bags and packaging. Problem:

Ad-Lider Embalagens, SA want to launch a new product – drawstring waste bag known as Climp Ahora Facil (Easy Close). They want to understand buyer preference, behaviors and impact of marketing combine to release the product. Examination:

Brazil is one of the most significant countries worldwide with garbage bag industry estimated around $ one hundred twenty million. Brazil's customer base can be divided into Sophisticated (A & B) 19% people leading to 52% consumption. Followed by Lower middle course ( C) 30% population contributing to 28% consumption and lower school ( D & E ) with 51% human population contributing to only 20% ingestion. In short, A& B will be the target segment for Ad-Lider. Ad-Lider's total sales in 1998 were money 21 mil and expected to be$ 25-27 , 000, 000 by 2001. That is 18. 5% of total rubbish bag market. Ad-Liner features launched a new product in the customer segment - trash hand bags with attract strings. Their main competitor is Fort-Roll which makes Dover Roll manufacturer, the market head and quality of image to many customers. Ad-Liner appointed a Marketing Study company; that they conducted target groups in two key cities in southeast and came up with these results. Almost all of the decisions are produced by females, directly or indirectly. Limp-o-Lixo has the top brand recognition in market followed by Dover roll after which climp. 55 L potential bags have highest demand followed by 100 L capability bags. While people make use of grocery store hand bags for bathroom or small garbage use. Your research showed that people in Rio de janeiro are not selling price sensitive and associate themselves with Dover roll company. Reasons for Dover being loved are: it is far from transparent, is resilient and has a good closing system. In Sao Paulo people are price conscious and do not affiliate with any kind of particular company. Mostly 100L bags are being used by SP households while garbage gentleman comes three times a week just, so you need big and strong...