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 case study in recruitment Essay


XYZ is a leading garment production company possessing a turn over of 200 crores. The company began its operation 10 years as well as during the past a few years it is often expanding the actions by opening new products at several places. Recently Mr. Rajesh has been hired as HUMAN RESOURCES manager in the company. Previous he was which has a cement plant working as works Manager for about a decade. He was aiding the HOURS manager and knew a number of the HR ideas. He lately completed his MBA with HR. XYZ company designated Mr Rajesh in the vacancy created by the sudden resignation of previously HR Manager due to a few internal problem. The time Mister Rajesh required the demand of HUMAN RESOURCES Manger, firm was in selection spree for the new herb about to commission payment with a week. After taking charge as HOURS manager having been straight way told by CEO to select about 200 workers and 10 administrators along with 2 production managers immediately.

Rajesh well prepared a recognize showing the vacancy and circulated nearby. He had taken the assistance of attendant working in the HR department who was even more interested to appoint the locals. This individual advised Mr Rajesh to hold the educational certification as eighth with/without experience.

Rajesh resorted to common interview for the selection of the employees and right away 200 people were chosen and brought to the production shops. CEO was very happy with the quick response of the new HR administrator and appreciated him. The majority of the workers selected were freshers.

Following few days, grievances started serving in from your production store about refreshing workers. The plant became stand still because of above. The situation reached the CEO and he was not really willing to hear any excuse compromising creation. Rajesh was at dilemma what direction to go? Providing schooling to entire workers will require minimum three months and that much time cannot be able to escape from the creation shop.

After some time, out of the two hundred workers regarding 50 of those left the job which...