Corruption of the Rich Based on the Great Gatsby by Farrenheit. Scott Fitzgerald

 Corruption of the Rich Based on the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Corruption of the rich based on The truly amazing Gatsby by F. Jeff Fitzgerald

Crafted during the roaring twenties, a period when persons felt the need to surpass the ideals from the American Desire, F. Jeff Fitzgerald's well known novel, The Great Gatsby, explores how wealth ultimately causes corruption within a society. In his novel Fitzgerald displays circumstances that may be invoked by the theme; individuals will likely show signs of corruption as they come into wealth.

If there is a single character quickly pointed out as showing indications of corruption caused by wealth, it could be Tom Buchanan. Throughout the story nick describes tom because an arrogant character by putting focus on his demeaning manor great inability to respect any individual but him self. Some may argue that Tom's football days and his physical size might add to the arrogant nature connected with Tom. In the comments manufactured about him by Nick through the comments made himself it really is made clear which the power of funds has blocked his eyesight of everything yet himself and what makes him happy. This wealth has also corrupted Daisy, who keeps with Jeff because of his wealth as well as the lifestyle she gets become familiar with, although Tom treats her very terribly. Tom snacks Daisy while material control along with the girl he is disloyal with. " He exhibits his mistress in quite similar way when he parades his horses, nearly as if this individual believes her to be his property" (Carey 21). With each other Tom and Daisy produced a

despicable duet. An example of this can be exhibited when Nick declares " we were holding careless people, Tom and Daisy -- they created up things and animals and then retreated back to their money or all their vast carelessness, or what ever it was that kept them with each other, and let other folks clean up the mess they had made... " (188).

In contrast to the manner in which Tom is definitely defined, Gatsby is pictured as a kind hearted guy who lives for nothing but his appreciate and faithfulness for Daisy. However in his...

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