Enclosure: A Basic Physical and Emotional Need

 Essay about Housing: A Physiological and Psychological Will need

Real estate is the basic need which leads to a populace productivity, wellbeing, social steadiness and economical development. In spite of well-meaning objective and significant accomplishments in past times, there yet remains a vast number of Filipinos living in undesirable and low quality housing. It truly is recognized that fundamental within policies and strategies are necessary for a better and more effective service delivery of housing to the intended beneficiaries, individuals most in need. Theoretical framework:

The theory then that man are not able to attain self-actualization unless his basic physical and internal needs will be fulfilled, will very well effect the ultimate success of urban terrain reform and housing expansion plan project for the urban poor. Thus, this kind of study is premised on the theory that people can be expected to show the fullest and healthiest creativeness, in the event this mental, safety, like and esteem needs happen to be satisfied.

This current study is going to focus on the physiological needs, particularly, the needs for shelter, for the reason that researcher feels that effectively designed residences for squatter families in the target site is necessary and the development plan must be driven immediately to resolve serious casing problems that beget other socio-economic problems that will affect the productivity and living standards of the people.

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The appeal of people to migrate to urban centre of learning and chances for bettering economically has called the rapid regarding its human population and as a consequences a new housing issue. To cope with the necessity to survive in a city has resulted in the popping of squatter settlements which usually eventually progressed into slums. This conditions are characterized by overcrowding and squalor. (Panopio, 1978)