english Composition

Sean A. Awaken

Professor Fields

December, five, 2013

British 101

Two Worlds a part

" High school is the best years of your daily life, enjoy them”, said an elder to a student in high school. Carry out people understand what the best numerous years of their lifestyle are? Does someone find out when anything spectacular or tremendous will occur in their particular life? And exactly how can an individual tell you if the best a lot of your life are specifically if they are of no relationship? Who's to state that your best years will probably be in your 30s or forties and maybe possibly 90s; Exactly why High School needs to be the best years of that individual's life because college could be the best knowledge that person offers ever had. The comparisons and contrasts of those two types of facilities appear in many and are also hard to miss. College is better than Secondary school if you stick to Abraham Maslow's " Pecking order of demands. ” What Abraham Maslow hypothesizes in the Hierarchy of needs can be described as Pyramid plan of what a human being requires in order to reach their total potential or self-actualization. In the diagram this individual presents a five-part underlying part to leading pyramid starting from the human's physiological demands all the way about his or her point of self-actualization; the first stage inside the development is definitely the physiological mother nature which are the physical requirements intended for human endurance (Breathing, foodstuff, water, sexual intercourse, sleep, homeostasis, and excretion), if these requirements are generally not dealt with the human body cannot function properly. Next is Basic safety (Security of body, Work, resources, morality, he friends and family, health, and property) when the physical demands are fulfilled because without safety a person can feel emotions of post-traumatic stress despression symptoms and trans generational injury. Number 3 of the pyramid is love/belonging (friendship, relatives, sexual intimacy) because a individual needs a sense of belonging this is why kids cling to their very own parents as a child. Esteem (self-esteem, confidence,...