Home remedies

 Home remedies Essay

50grms fenugreek (Methi seeds)

20grms Ajmo

10grams Saat Jeeri (not jeeru)

Can make this combination double or three times or perhaps four instances or five times etc .

One example is

50 instances 5 grms methi = 250grams

twenty times a few ajmo sama dengan 100 grms

10 times 5 kali jeeri = about 50g

Method: Measure above mentioned items separately. Expending warm up upon low heat. Mix every thing, grind in coffee grinder and make powder. Put into a look out of container. Consider 1 tsp of this mix with warm water at bedtime. Please note in this experiment, hot water is very important. By taking this mixture everyday the entire body will get gone the dirt from edges of the intestine through feces and urine. After three months fat tiers will get blended automatically and wrinkles upon skin will disappear as if iron was applied on it. This will make the body amazing. Without fail, life will be disease and worry free, completely happy, energetic, extended life will increase and so forth Other rewards you will find from your own experiences. Continue taking your own medication(s). Your life will be beautiful with this kind of experiment.

Benefits of this kind of home remedy:

1 . Will get gone diabetes, blood pressure and rheumatism for good. installment payments on your Will strengthen bones.

three or more. Will give stamina.

four. Will improve eye-sight

5. Raises hair growth

6th. Will remove all conditions caused by constipation for good. 7. Will improve blood circulation.

8. Can rid of cough from physique for good.

being unfaithful. Heart can function better

twelve. Will make one run just like a horse.

14. Will remove deafness coming from ears.

12. After marital life women's physiques become unsightly, this home cure will make them beautiful once again. 13. Can rid unwanted side effects of the remedies taken in the past and to be studied in the future. 18. Will improve teeth and keep their enameled surface alive.

12-15. Will clear veins in the body.

16. Will protect nutrients in blood.

18. Impotence will be removed and you will be able to endure beautiful kids. 18. Is going to protect via malaria, jaundice, typhoid, cholera, etc . nineteen. Anyone can use this solution. No matter what the grow older this treatment will make people look more youthful, will give longer life. 20. Will help ladies with puberty and gynecological problems. twenty-one. Diseases brought on by water (e. g. drinking water retention), air flow (bloating) and heat (e. g. sizzling flashes) within the body will be removed for good. twenty-two. Will help absorb heavy food.

23. Will free from myocardial infarction causing disorders plus will assist you to reduce bad cholesterol from human body. 24. Skin will become obvious and totally free of skin conditions e. g.: dry pores and skin, itchy skin, etc . 25. Will free from the side associated with eating gutca, etc . no matter what they may be.

Significant note:

This experiment is going to benefit only if you continue for 90 days. 1 . Stop eating meats and turn disease free. While consuming meats this kind of medicine is going to take longer to work. 2 . Soaked Indian chick peas (chana) and everything kinds of beans will give 10 times even more strength and vitamins. three or more. Please note, when consuming tamaku/gutka, this solution will not gain. However , it is okay to obtain masala paan.

American Doctor Vallord Guita has drafted a book about food permitted " Wellness the easy way”. In it there are two chapters, which will illustrate the advantages of garlic and methi.

Undigested foods cause mucus and this mucus goes to other regions of the body. Dr . Cordel says, " of course some mucus is necessary in the body. Some individuals smoke and the smoke adopts the lungs. Some people consume unbalanced foodstuff. As a result nasal mucus covers lungs and gastrointestinal system slowly elevating the nasal mucus layers. Consequently, body parts go wrong. The body becomes diseased and looks old ahead of its time.

To be disease free of charge, do not let nasal mucus get accrued in the body. But you may be wondering what if nasal mucus is already presently there? One should then simply eat less foodstuff to stop mucus from becoming formed. Beverage methi tea (methi ukado), three times a day. Soak methi approx 10 or 12 hours and then boil.


In 200 cubic centimeters. water put 5 grms of smashed methi seeds. Boil about low warmth till drinking water remains...