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п»їElectric car problems and solving methods

The three main problems intended for the electric vehicle happen to be about the generation of electricity, re-charging station, as well as the battery.

Pertaining to the era of electricity, the increase in electric automobiles will also improve the production of electricity via thermal and nuclear electrical power plants, effect on the environment will be negative. The primary positive impact of electric cars is usually friendly for the environment. Nevertheless , a lower cost of electricity generation like indivisible power plant life may offer an opposite idea to electric powered car. Therefore , we can resolve the problem simply by developing the electric vehicle and the renewable energy at the same time, for supporting the electricity source to electrical vehicle within an environment friendly approach.

With regards to about the recharging train station, due to the prevalent use of electric vehicles in the future, many re charging station and recharging area are necessary. It would require a long time because ten to twelve several hours for completely charge of your electric car, however , an ordinary car by making use of diesel are just needed to fill up within eight minutes. We all cannot picture how many cars are able to recharging at the same time. Consequently , government can simply solve this problem by a well land organizing, build a lots of recharging stop in a suited place and suitable distance. For Italy, the government commits to a network of 1, 300 recharging channels. Large amounts of recharging station are necessary to develop electrical car.

For the battery, the recharging battery is the most important component to an electric vehicle. Engineers will need to make the battery-life as long as possible. As a result of difficulty of recycling the battery, a lot more waste of battery the more unfriendly to the environment. Therefore , one hand the engineering ought to increase the battery life; the furthermore should locate the way to reuse the electrical car's battery as soon as possible.