Local Proverbs

 Local Proverbs Essay

LOCAL PROVERBSBicol (Legazpi)| ENGLISH TRANSLATION| BIBLICAL COUNTERPART| COMMENT/S| " Gibohon mo an mawot mong gibohon guy saimo. ”| Treat persons in the same way that you want them to deal with you. | Luke six: 31Do in front of large audiences as you could have them perform to you. | This proverb is commonly applied. This is also called " The Golden Rule” | " An paghandusay kay buhay sa amigo ay urog nang gayo. ”| Increased love has no man than this, that the man collapses his your life for his friends. | John 15: 13Greater take pleasure in has no one than this kind of, that this individual lay down his life to get his close friends. | The true of companionship is tremendously measured in the event one is all set to take a bullet or execute a sacrifice in behalf of the friend. | " A great amigo em danay mamomoton, nagiging tugang sa panahon nin kahorasaan. ”| An associate is supportive at all times, and becomes a buddy in times of difficulty. | Proverbs 17: 17A friend loves at all times, and a sibling is born pertaining to adversity| One that has a frequent loving friend will have brethren in times of will need. | " An tawo nadakol em kairiba napapaaraot, alagad minsan may socio na yaon na orog pa sa kapamilya. ”| There are folks for friendship, but then you will discover friends who have are more faithful than family members. | Proverbs 18: 24A man of numerous companions can come to wreck, but we have a friend who also sticks closer than a close friend. | This is much linked to the saying: " He that has many good friends has none but person who cherished an individual has a kindred-one. ”| " Mas orog na an hayag bist du dai pag-uyon kaysa gentleman sa pagkamoot na nasa hilom. ”| Better is definitely an open demonstration than a appreciate kept top secret. | Proverbs 27: 5-6Better is wide open rebuke than hidden take pleasure in. | It is best to have an wide open ridicule or perhaps correction than to have a appreciate or treatment buried while secret.