Internet Search Engine and Yelp

 Web Google search and Yelp Essay

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Yelp, Inc.


To connect people who have great neighborhood businesses (1)


Yelp was started July 2004 in Bay area California. News the firm began general public trading in the New York Stock Exchange.


Yelp Inc. can be described as website and mobile program that offers a worldwide database pertaining to rating community businesses. The web site allows users to review, search, and connect to business and fellow users. Listing an enterprise on Yelp for any affiliate to review can be free. Businesses also have the ability to purchase advertising and marketing space that appears in several places on their site together with a single differentiated spot towards the top of a search.


Yelp users include written more than 53 Mil reviews in local businesses worldwide. Yelp averaged around 120 Million visitors in Q4 of 2013. (1)

SWOT Analysis:


Yelp has a strong brand name.

Anyone can create a free account on yelp

Website can be convenient to use

There is a strong portable app use

There's no payment to use yelp


Yelp is certainly not used worldwide, mostly in the united states and Europe

The unfavorable comments users post may influence businesses and Yelp's relationship Many business are unhappy with the way they will handle testimonials

Yelp has not seen a lot of earnings since it was founded

Yelp hasn't seen revenues from its international operations


Yelp will make huge cash in on its advertisements

Their social websites is a great method to increase their Brand and have more web traffic HAZARDS

The threat to Yelp's long run durability is that a majority of its targeted traffic comes in fromВ GoogleВ п»ї Google may well change the search criteria in favour of their own community content (2)

Financial and gratification Analysis:

By December thirty-one, 2012, Yelp had an accumulated deficit of approximately $60. 5 million. Though revenues have raised rapidly, elevating from $12. 1 million in 2008 to $137. 6 million in 2012. (3)

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