Nyc, New York

 New York, Nyc Essay

The most beautiful place that we ever visited is New york city. It is also called the city that never sleeps, The capital on the planet, The big apple or perhaps Empire town. This town has many sites, some of these spots are: The popular statue of liberty, The Empire Condition Building, Central Park, Times Square, the popular 5th Avenue, and more areas. I will speak about those through this essay. Also i will describe why Nyc is the most amazing city I've ever been.

I will talk about the places that my friends and I visited when we were in New York.  The 1st day we travelled to Central Recreation area.  This is a lovely place with lots of trees where the people escape coming from the crazy and busy life in New York City, they can relax, breathe fresh air and admire nature.  At night we travelled to the central square was extremely exciting because finally I was in that place filled with light, stores,  huge advertising, noise and movement that I had seen in movies.  It was amazing! The next day we all went to the Statue of Liberty. We took many photographs, walked surrounding the island and bought a few souvenirs. After that went to ''Bodies The Exhibition”. There all of us learned more about the organs and functions of the in our bodies. Following we were in intrepid, air and space museum. All of us saw classic aircraft, submarines and spacecraft simulators. Likewise we were in Madame Tussauds, and we took pictures while using celebrities who had been in the art gallery. After that we all went to NYSKYRIDE this is a 4D simulation on a planes ride above New York. And then at night we were around the Empire State Building. It is the tallest building in the United States with the most beautiful view I've at any time seen.

The thirdВ dayВ we were in theВ Museum ofВ Science. В There are a lot of experiments that В we could observeВ and interactВ with them. В Then went to CSI: В The Encounter. В It was fun toВ follow the cluesВ and solveВ a crimeВ as aВ professional. В At the end everyoneВ gotВ a certificate intended for havingВ solved theВ case. В ThenВ we had been in theВ American...