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Just like every other normal 17 year old. Quentin Jacobson lives an uneventful life. Quentin or " Q” is the central character of Paper Villages by Ruben Green. Quentin is a classic friend of Margo Spiegelman, although all their lives have become separate techniques. His best friends Ben and Radar, adhere by him through the difficult times of his life. Queen is levelheaded, he ideas carefully for the future despite his lack of punctuality. Quentin could be absorbed and obsessive but also in general he is seen as a basically good and assured person.

Quentin is levelheaded and fanatical at times. This individual imagines Margo in every scenario he comes across. " It should have been such as this for Margo, too. Considering the planning she'd done, she must have noted she was leaving, as well as she didn't want to have been fully immune for the feeling. She would had great days right here. And on the final day, unhealthy days become so hard to recall, since one way or another she had made a your life here, in the same way I had. ”(227) This landscape says a lot about equally Quentin's and Margo's personality. Q can't help although imagine himself in Margo's shoes. This trait of his, can be considered a little bit obsessive, yet he simply does this to find out what goes on in Margo's mind. Quentin is definitely undeniably fascinated with Margo and that truth is never doubted through his journey to find her.

Quentin is level-headed yet excessive. He kept going and searching for Margo until this individual found her. " The lady was surviving for one even more day at least, she was alive. I had fashioned focused on her whereabouts pertaining to so long in an attempt to keep myself from obsessively wondering if she was alive i had no idea how terrified I'd been until now, nevertheless oh, my personal God. Your woman was in. ”(236) Quentin knows what he's trying to find and his motivation to find her never faltered. He permit Margo Spiegelman's absence control his lifestyle. This performed however improve his desire to find Margo, and he succeeded.

Over the journey of finding Margo, Q's feelings toward Margo...