Personal Sector Participation in Sound Waste Managing in Kathmandu

 Private Sector Participation in Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu Article

Private Sector Participation in Solid Spend Management in Kathmandu

Section Chief, Sturdy Waste Management Section

Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Sept. 2010 19, 2002

1 . 1Overview of Kathmandu

Kathmandu Area, which provides the physical establishing for Kathamndu Metropolitan City (KMC), is situated between latitudes 270 32' 13” and 270 49' 10” north and latitudes eight hundred fifty 11' 31” and 850 31' 38” east. This covers a location of about 667 sq . kilometers and its mean elevation is around 1350m. above sea level. The area is pan shaped with rivers depleting towards the middle of the basin. The waterways merge in to the Bagmati Water, which canal out throughout the Chovar Gorge located at the southwest corner of the valley.

Kathmandu may be the capital and commercial hub of the nation. It is linked to other countries with just International Airport and two main highways connect to India and China. Mainly because it is the capital of the country all the embassies are concentrate in the Pit, and particularly in Kathmandu City. In recent years due to development in transportations, main industries possess moved to the secondary urban centers.

The Kathmandu Valley politically divided into the three districts of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. In addition to three cities, there are 110 Village Region Committees (VDC) within the Valley. KMC is found in the Kathmandu District and covers a place of about 55. 8 sq . km..

Kathmandu Valley the best city of the nation comprising twenty-four. 1% from the national urban population and 70. 4% of the valley's total metropolitan population 20 years ago. KMC's population grew via 235, one hundred sixty in 81 to 421, 258 20 years ago, registering a growth rate of 6%. At present it is estimated that of KMC's population will be approximately 725, 000. Kathmandu is the most significant city in Nepal using a population of around 725, 500, which includes the cities of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Thimi, and Kirtipur, and also several neighborhoods, has population of 1. your five million.

1 . 2Introduction to KMC

Mayor and deputy mayor happen to be elected straight by people every 4 year. KMC contained 35 wards and each keep elects one-ward chairperson and 4 members every four yr. Mayor, mouthpiece mayor, thirty-five ward chairpersons, and 150 members kind a KMC Board. You should see the attached Organization Framework.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) contains twelve departments including Environment Department, which can be the largest of most. This department is split up into three sections; Solid Spend Management section, Mechanical Section, and Downtown Environment Section. Overall KMC's Environment Division is responsible for managing the sturdy waste produced in Kathmandu. Among 1980 and 1993, presently there existed a serious project, funded by the German born Government, that was responsible for squander management. KMC has two, 200 personnel of which about 1400 are engaged in waste management.

1 ) 3Financial Framework

|Year |Total Exp. |Exp. SWM |Income |Income Other folks (Int. |Income (SWM services)| | | | |(Gov. ) |Donors) | | |2000 |App. |App. |App. |App. |App. | | |US$ |US$ |US$ |US$ |US$ | | |6, 500, 500 |2, 500, 000 |3, 100, 1000 |3, 500, 000 |72, 000 | |2001 |App. |App. |App. |App. |App. | | |US$ |US$ |US$ |US$ |US$ | | |5, 200, 500 |2, 000, 000 |3, 100, 000 |2, 90, 000 |72, 000...