Role as a Cnu Student in Helping Sustain, Spend less and Protect Our Mother Earth.

 Essay on Role as a Cnu Student in Helping Maintain, Conserve and Preserve The Mother Earth.

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We simply cannot deny nor blind themselves from the struggling situation of the mother earth today. Everywhere you observe signs and remnants of the destruction that humans made. As a CNU student, My spouse and i am not only educated when it comes to acquiring knowledge although I am given the intellect by simply God, to help others and promote with them the things that I possess learned.

Around the world is said to be one of the biggest problems that our mother earth can be facing at the moment. On the website, they mentioned some techniques on how we can help fight it. Initially, ‘make your home green'. Woods are important elements in maintaining a new and climate. In my own little way, I will grow trees outside our house and promote to my friends how these can help in the environment. Also, we get our papers from the trees and shrubs and it is after that very important that we recycle the papers. There are so many things that you can do having a single linen of used paper. After i was in 1st year high school graduation until now, We used scratch papers in solving mathematics problems, producing designs and doing projects. Another suggestion is ‘don't use plastics'. We all know which a plastic usually takes years to decompose and effect these plastics happen to be stacked in a place until burning these people is the only solution that other folks think causing for the ozone level to be damaged. I have been collecting bottles of water since first yr college to get I want to support my family plus the environment. Through these, We earn money and at the same time help the mother nature rather than throwing them inside the garbage. In addition , I would like to incorporate two things to aid sustain, save and protect our mother earth- open up your eyes and open other's eyes. Being a student, we all have been in search to get truth. We discover and discover items on our very own and through other peoples help. I've been living in...