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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Parts

In your own words and phrases, describe the following hardware/software pieces

Legacy systems

The hardware and software pieces of a company's existing THIS system. In a company's heritage system they can make big investments, a great investment that can cost a multinational organization billions of dollars to buy and develop. Mainframe computers

The first mainframe computer was built in 1951 using the vacuum-tube technology. APPLE is the leading developer of mainframe computers. Managers could simply access these people through the business computer designers. Microprocessors

Often known as a " computer on a chip” the microprocessor was developed in 1970 by Intel. It absolutely was very significantly less powerful than the usual mainframe, yet helped with the concept Intel got for " standalone” processing. Which an individual user could have a computer using the chip on his or her desk and can be able to plan it to whatever she or he wanted that to do. Computers

Also known as a " personal computer” was introduced in 1976 by Apple. It absolutely was a system form of the PC as sold to enthusiasts worldwide plus they assembled a PC and programed that with a pc language. IBM introduced their first pc in 1981. Network pcs

This pc connects for an individual's Personal computers in the network. Some corporations had limited IT finances and applied them instead for a mainframe. The PCs linked to a central storage space known as a " LAN”. Internet and Internet

The World Wide Web and Internet was developed because, the world needed a way to find and promote information. Tim Berners-Lee; a software scientist wrote the 1st HTML software code which usually made it feasible to post the information on Web internet pages. Wired and wireless high speed technology

This can be a type of interaction hardware that permits quick tranny of large amounts of information. Allow to access information on WWW, this kind of hardware was developed and can manage many huge amounts of bytes per second. LAPTOP OR COMPUTER...