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 Exactly how are the themes of electric power and satisfaction presented in ‘Great Expectations'?

Great Expectations is a book written by Charles Dickens during the times of the industrial revolution. Dickens wrote this novel to exhibit the inequality between people (shown in the lecture systems) and also how a enhancements made on class can result in a change in person; he performs this through the use of designs such as Satisfaction and Electric power. However , this individual also illustrates that the decrease class persons also got pride (for e. g. Joe).  Charles Dickens displays pride because something that all humans tend to have. In " Great Expectations", Dickens implies that the character Joe's pride can be something to hold him heading and is so precious to him that he is seen to take offense when he might have sensed his pride to be damaged. " That we meantersay, that if you come into my place bull baiting and badgering me come out! Which I meantersay as sech if you're a person come on! ”…”Stand or fall by! ” In these estimates Joe is basically telling Mister Jaggers to not come in to his home and disrespect him, then he proceeds to see Mr Jaggers to either fight just like a man or stand by. This shows that May well takes great pride in his surroundings because he is ready to fight Mister Jaggers to right virtually any wrongdoings. However , Pip believes that May well needs to be taught better ways if he wants to associate himself with Pip as a way not to injury Pip's image. This displays Pip's pride in himself when he is placing his requires before the guy that helped raise him; Joe acted like a father figure for Pip and yet Pip would rather be viewed as a guy in society's eyes, because of this, he starts to doubt whether or not Joe will work for his existence anymore. You could argue that by showing the contrast inside the two ‘types' of pride, Dickens could be saying that in society people have to adjust their very own pride to fit their school in order to maintain their status, however is that is the circumstance, then can be anyone really proud? May a person be pleased if he changes his pride and culture simply to...