Teens' dependance on their father and mother [Living alone or not]

 Teens’ dependance on their parents Living alone or perhaps not Essay

At present young adults have the tendency to start living only really early. According with their point of view, they could think this is actually the best thing to do. Or even their father and mother want to teach them a lesson showing how life is when you're on your own. Yet living by themselves has the advantages and disadvantages. Most young adults fight with their parents, for they claim their father and mother don't give them enough independence. So living on their own might be a kind of errant from this, but on the other side they will be out from the control of all their parents and having simply no control or perhaps discipline could lead them to becoming much more irresponsible. Living alone would teach them to deal with life by themselves, since they would start considering in a considerably more sensible and responsible way of living. They would learn how to deal with the down sides of running a house; cleaning, cooking, designing the house, spending bills etc . But still this will only happen if these people were used to keeping everything organised and cool, since you will find young adults whom don't head living in a messy place without clean up or do the dishes. To conclude, since when they are born people find out they can rely on their father and mother any time, thus they always take this with no consideration, not convinced that someday they may have to live on their own and just how much depending for almost everything on their father and mother can affect their particular future life. But even though they become responsible and don't depend on their parents for every thing, still they can not be entirely independent. Consequently, living exclusively might be a good way for young adults to learn regarding real responsibility and lifestyle, though they are going to always be based upon their father and mother some way yet another.