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Extensive Objective: To spell out the marketing pattern of pharmaceuticals industry in Bangladesh by inspecting the promoting mix of Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. Short/Specific Aims: The survey contains the next specific objectives-     � To spell out all types of goods those are produced by Biopharma Laboratories Ltd.     � Describing the prices procedure and price set of Biopharma Labs Ltd.     � To describe all kinds of promotional equipment used by Biopharma Laboratories Limited.     � To analyze the procedure and managing of promotional equipment use by Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. as well as other company.     � To describe the distribution system of Biopharma Labs Ltd.     � To raise feasible recommendation and related approval (if required) for easy and appropriate implementation regarding the marketing mix of Biopharma Laboratories Ltd.

three or more. Objective of my study

To evaluate the industry condition of Aceclofenac and discover the problems that are faced by this molecule and by accomplishing this the possibilities of this molecule can be tried to end up being identified. To determine the existing marketplace of the molecule.

To presume the future industry of Aceclofenac in Bangladesh.

To visualize the complete market scenario of Aceclofenac and brief comparison using its main direct competitors. To find the past & present market strategy plus the future marketplace expanding capability of the subjected drug. To discover the prospect of aceclofenac.

To discover the total industry picture of aceclofenac to get launching. To evaluate the appropriateness of aceclofenac (as a drug) in Bangladesh market.

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1 . 6 Strategy:

The research strategies along with the a lot of specifications are given below: Type of research                                                                    � Descriptive Types of data                                                                     � Principal, Secondary and internal Way of collecting data                                                    � Questionnaire Entered of concerns asked                                                     � Closed concluded Average interview time per respondent                                � 10 minutes Approach to administering questionnaire                                � Personal interview Climbing techniques used                                                        � Likert Range Target human population                                                                  �  Doctors and Chemists Sample size                                                                           � (50+50) Time taken up complete the research                                     � two weeks Sampling approaches used                                                     � Probability Sampling Method

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Report upon Marketing Mix on Pharmaceutical Industry Research on Biopharma Laboratories Ltd

Executive Overview

Beginning in the 1950s, today over 2 hundred pharmaceuticals corporations produce medications in Bangladesh. This sector is one of the the majority of developed howdy tech and leading export earning areas in Bangladesh which is adding to in the country's economy. Out of your total household requirement of medications almost 95 percent is met by the community manufacturing and Bangladesh as well exports products to twenty-seven countries around the world.. According to Intercontinental Promoting Services (IMS), a global pharmaceutical market intelligence agency, Bangladesh medicine revenue reached Tk 4, 673 crore in 2008 and� Tk four, 075 crore in 2007. With this kind of estimate, the expected business in 12 months 2009 is definitely 5, 126 crore Tk. This record " An Analysis of� Marketing mix on Pharmaceutical Industry� in Bangladesh a case study about Biopharma Laboratories...