Travel and leisure Hospitality and Events

 Tourism Hospitality and Events Essay

п»їHongchao Zhouпј€Jamesпј‰ 04/11/2014 Introduction

Nowadays, tourism, hospitality and events have grown to be an indispensable element of people's life, this is a significant chance for these kinds of industries to further improve and develop the status. Furthermore, travel and leisure, hospitality and events industries is normal experience which usually focus on customer's experience based upon mental and material improvement which proposed by supplier. Being a manager of tourism, food and occasions industries should certainly learn about importance of market and be familiar with interrelated of T. L. E. As a result, it support manager help to make decision and take full advantage of Capital t. H. At the industries. Travel and leisure, Hospitality and event industries developed quickly in 20th century, all of them connect simply by travel. In other word, traveler chose hospitality to have a relax when they away of house, and some visitor travel since events. Market of travelling affect tourism, hospitality and events industrial sectors development. This essay concentrate on definition of T. H. At the, and go over their related. The assistance industry, including the T. They would. E was named the tertiary sector by Fisher, A. G. B (1935).

Keywords: Food, Tourism, Celebration and Relationship

The definition of Tourism

Europe 1995 Green Paper on tourism said tourism as in other parts in the developed and developing term: More than a couple of habit or maybe a heterogeneous set of economic actions, tourism is becoming, within not more than a century, a determining factor in the life of millions of people. Travel and leisure changes while using improvement in living and working circumstances and is simultaneously an essential element of this improvement and a result of it (Commission of the EC, 1995)

At present, more and more people decided to go with travel abroad as a rest way to produce pressure coming from work. Tourism is one of the most effective growing industrial sectors in the world, as a tourism staff member should profound...