Winter 2013 Midterm

 Winter 2013 Midterm Article

MGT 393/RSM 225 – WINTER 2013 - MIDTERM

TIME: 90 minutes in addition 10 minutes for extra reading = 100 minutes. RESPONSES HAS TO BE WRITTEN IN PEN. NO AIDS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THIS KIND OF TEST. This kind of test paper must be delivered along with your created response. Watch your time. REVEAL THE INSTRUCTOR BRAND AND COURSE TIME FOR THE TEST PUBLICATION COVER. PROBLEM ONE (20 marks) (18 minutes)

A customer has went to at your legislation office in Toronto. The consumer explains that her organization is being sued by a ex - employee to get wrongful dismissal (that can be, for wrongfully having becoming fired). She actually is convinced the employee was incompetent and that the dismissal was justified, but says, " I know via watching the TV legal episode " Regulation & Order” that I need to prove past a reasonable hesitation that my employee was incompetent, and this may be hard.. What do you believe? ”

She has a obscure idea that legislation somehow comes from governments as well as the courts, nevertheless she is not really too crystal clear about how that actually works. She asks you, Bea Calm, to describe these types of law in some detail and exactly how they communicate.

She has likewise heard that you can ask the trial judge to " award costs” but isn't sure what that means, and so she would as you to explain how legal costs are generally honored in a suit. An online website suggested that people consider going to mediation rather than court. Your consumer says, " Not sure what mediation is definitely but it noises cheaper than going to Ottawa and the Supreme Court of Canada for any trial. So what do you think? ”

REQUIRED: Make a written justification to the queries and other concerns raised by your new customer. [Note – fit not about employment regulation but simple legal concepts] PROBLEM TWO (40 marks) (36 minutes)

Jones Ryder, grow older 17 was employed part-time by MalMart Department Stores Incorporation. (" MDSI”). Thomas worked three nights a week as being a caretaker, cleaning the store following your store shut at on the lookout for pm. Thomas is a class 12 scholar at Dufferin Collegiate Institute (" DCI) in Barcelone....